Open Source Software

Open source software can be a great tool for the small business. There are many programs available that cover all aspects of business needs: Customer database, website content management, financial services, human resources, audio/video production, graphic editing, and more. Making use of open source software can give your business the edge it needs against your competition.

The most common misconception of open source software is that all of it is 100% free. While there are many programs that have no upfront costs involved, the term "Open Source" technically means that the source code for the program is available to you to edit as you need. This means that you can customize the look, feel, and function of the software to best meet your needs. When it comes down to cost however, there are many different types of cost, and all software has implementation costs associated with it. Not having to pay license fees or "purchase" the software is a great cost savings to your business, however, you still need to have the ability to implement and integrate the software into your business. This is where the cost comes into play, and this is where Serendipity Technology can help!

We can help you evaluate the available open source software packages and determine if they are right for your business. We can then take you through the implementation and integration of the software, making sure that it is setup properly and that you and your staff are trained on how to use it. We can also offer customization services to make sure you get the most out of the program.

Open source software can be a valuable ally to your business, but jumping in unprepared for it can also do a lot of damage. Let Serendipity Technology help you navigate the Open Source arena and find the solution that is best for you and your business!

Mobile Solutions

Today's small business needs to be quick and nimble, able to respond to a client's need quickly and easily. With the growing popularity of mobile devices including Apple iPad, iPhones, Android tablets, and other netbooks and smartphones, you no longer have to be tied to your office.

Serendipity Technology can help you implement mobile technology through your employees to help them get out and better serve your employees. Whether you are a service based company that does on-site repairs, or a inspection company that has to travel to remote sites to complete an inspection, or just want the freedom of sitting at your favorite coffee place while completing work, Serendipity Technology can help you make that happen!

With remote desktop options, file sharing, mobile printers, and so much more, there is certainly a device available that can help you get your work done from anywhere. All of these devices can be confusing to sort though, and that's where Serendipity Technology comes in. We can help you evaluate the right products and implement them seamlessly into your work flow.

With mobility comes concerns of security, and we have you covered here as well! We can setup secure connections for your mobile employees so your data is not exposed to risk. Mobile employees are happy employees, and with consistent security and best practice training, everyone wins!


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Backup Solutions

Data loss can happen to anyone at anytime. If it hasn't happened to you yet, it's like a ticking time bomb.

I don't say that to be a fear monger or to try to scare you into an expensive solution, I merely say that to be realistic. The truth is, data loss on a computer can happen in so many ways:

  • Physical disaster - natural disasters, computer gets knocked over, coffee spills, electrical surge
  • Hardware failure - All hard drives fail, it is just a matter of when
  • Software failure - Viruses and malware can delete files, even with antivirus software
  • Accidents - You can hit the delete key and not mean it!


Data loss is a function of operation in a world where computers are the major business machine. Think about your car, you can't drive without car insurance just in case you have an accident, you should think the same of your data. You shouldn't use computers without some insurance against data loss.

Serendipity Technology can help you find a solution that fits your work flow and your budget. There are several aspects of a backup system: 

The method of backup

  • Physical media - CDs, Tape drives, and other devices that you can physically remove from the computer and take off site with you
  • Offsite/Web Backups - we can send your data over the internet to our cloud servers. The connection is secure and the monthly cost is low, based on the total amount you need to backup.



The type of backup

  • Disaster Recover - If your entire office burned to the ground, you could be up and running in a new location within hours. This is an extreme solution for the critical business.
  • Full System - We can recover an entire system, including data and programs. Typically requires identical computer systems to be purchased as a backup system.
  • File backups - WE can take your data files (pictures, documents, videos, email files, accounting system files, etc) and restore them to a new machine. This is the simplest method, and is appropriate for most businesses.


Serendipity Technology has the experience with all of the backup systems, and we can help you determine what is the best solution for you.

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Business Telephone and Texting Solution

VoIP services or Voice Over Internet Protocol allows us to use the Internet to enable voice data applications. Our VoIP services convert your voice into a digital signal. E.g. If you are calling a 'regular' phone number, the signal is converted to a 'regular' phone signal. Using our VOIP services you can now make a call directly from your computer, phone application, or a standard desk phone.

All that is required is a broadband (high speed Internet) connection and a special phone that Serendipity Technology provides, configures, and installs. Calls can also be made by software applications on your computer, smart phone, or tablet, allowing you to maintain a business identity from anywhere.

VoIP System Features:

  • Transfer Calls to any other phone
  • Conference Calls
  • Call Recording
  • Virtual Assistant (voice menu)
  • Voicemails delivered to your email
  • Hold Music

With Serendipity Technology's VoIP telephone service, you place and receive calls much like you do today. If you use VoIP with your computer, a telephone icon usually appears on your computer screen. Clicking the icon allows you to dial numbers from a pad, or dial a call by clicking on a contact's already programmed name and number. You will then hear a ring just like any other call. Computer-based VoIP services have a variety of ways for notifying you that you have an incoming call.

Serendipity Technology also offers solutions for text messages in the business. We can provide a special local number to receive and send text on. A web interface allows you to read and respond to the texts more efficiently than using a small phone or tablet device. Our texting service also includes features like subscriptions, text broadcasts, interactive text menus, and more. Texting can be a powerful local marketing tool for deals and keeps your company in contact with customers.

Serendipity Technology offers a personalized local solution to manage your phone system. We provide support on the service and the equipment and a single consistent point of contact. VoIP service is also significantly less expansive than traditional phone service which means saving money for your business!

Contact a representative today to discuss options specific for your business!
Posted on February 7, 2016 and filed under Service Projects.