Business Telephone and Texting Solution

VoIP services or Voice Over Internet Protocol allows us to use the Internet to enable voice data applications. Our VoIP services convert your voice into a digital signal. E.g. If you are calling a 'regular' phone number, the signal is converted to a 'regular' phone signal. Using our VOIP services you can now make a call directly from your computer, phone application, or a standard desk phone.

All that is required is a broadband (high speed Internet) connection and a special phone that Serendipity Technology provides, configures, and installs. Calls can also be made by software applications on your computer, smart phone, or tablet, allowing you to maintain a business identity from anywhere.

VoIP System Features:

  • Transfer Calls to any other phone
  • Conference Calls
  • Call Recording
  • Virtual Assistant (voice menu)
  • Voicemails delivered to your email
  • Hold Music

With Serendipity Technology's VoIP telephone service, you place and receive calls much like you do today. If you use VoIP with your computer, a telephone icon usually appears on your computer screen. Clicking the icon allows you to dial numbers from a pad, or dial a call by clicking on a contact's already programmed name and number. You will then hear a ring just like any other call. Computer-based VoIP services have a variety of ways for notifying you that you have an incoming call.

Serendipity Technology also offers solutions for text messages in the business. We can provide a special local number to receive and send text on. A web interface allows you to read and respond to the texts more efficiently than using a small phone or tablet device. Our texting service also includes features like subscriptions, text broadcasts, interactive text menus, and more. Texting can be a powerful local marketing tool for deals and keeps your company in contact with customers.

Serendipity Technology offers a personalized local solution to manage your phone system. We provide support on the service and the equipment and a single consistent point of contact. VoIP service is also significantly less expansive than traditional phone service which means saving money for your business!

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Posted on February 7, 2016 and filed under Service Projects.