Mobile Solutions

Today's small business needs to be quick and nimble, able to respond to a client's need quickly and easily. With the growing popularity of mobile devices including Apple iPad, iPhones, Android tablets, and other netbooks and smartphones, you no longer have to be tied to your office.

Serendipity Technology can help you implement mobile technology through your employees to help them get out and better serve your employees. Whether you are a service based company that does on-site repairs, or a inspection company that has to travel to remote sites to complete an inspection, or just want the freedom of sitting at your favorite coffee place while completing work, Serendipity Technology can help you make that happen!

With remote desktop options, file sharing, mobile printers, and so much more, there is certainly a device available that can help you get your work done from anywhere. All of these devices can be confusing to sort though, and that's where Serendipity Technology comes in. We can help you evaluate the right products and implement them seamlessly into your work flow.

With mobility comes concerns of security, and we have you covered here as well! We can setup secure connections for your mobile employees so your data is not exposed to risk. Mobile employees are happy employees, and with consistent security and best practice training, everyone wins!


Posted on February 7, 2016 and filed under Service Projects.