Open Source Software

Open source software can be a great tool for the small business. There are many programs available that cover all aspects of business needs: Customer database, website content management, financial services, human resources, audio/video production, graphic editing, and more. Making use of open source software can give your business the edge it needs against your competition.

The most common misconception of open source software is that all of it is 100% free. While there are many programs that have no upfront costs involved, the term "Open Source" technically means that the source code for the program is available to you to edit as you need. This means that you can customize the look, feel, and function of the software to best meet your needs. When it comes down to cost however, there are many different types of cost, and all software has implementation costs associated with it. Not having to pay license fees or "purchase" the software is a great cost savings to your business, however, you still need to have the ability to implement and integrate the software into your business. This is where the cost comes into play, and this is where Serendipity Technology can help!

We can help you evaluate the available open source software packages and determine if they are right for your business. We can then take you through the implementation and integration of the software, making sure that it is setup properly and that you and your staff are trained on how to use it. We can also offer customization services to make sure you get the most out of the program.

Open source software can be a valuable ally to your business, but jumping in unprepared for it can also do a lot of damage. Let Serendipity Technology help you navigate the Open Source arena and find the solution that is best for you and your business!