Unique Gift Ideas


I thought it would be interesting to share some of the nifty little things I come across on occasion that might not be well known, and some might even make great gifts this holiday season!

The first installment is for a gift I received earlier this year - Rocketbook (https://getrocketbook.com/).

Essdentially this is a traditional notebook with a twist. Using the companion app, you can scan the pages you’ve written and then have them sent to a variety of digital places - email, cloud, etc. Then, given that you are using erasable ink on their special paper,  you can wet the included microfiber cloth and erase the page and use it again - so really, one small notebook is all you need for handwritten notes.


Now, for me this is a nifty gadget in search of a use, as I’m all in on the digital side using the iPad and Pencil for note taking, but I do know many people like the physicality of writing, and although this does feel slightly different than traditional paper and pen/pencil, it’s a great way to bridge that gap into the digital offering you a good way to store your creative writing or drawing and share it easily with others.

You can program several symobols at the bottom of the page to automatically do something with the page, so basically, checking the symbol at the bottom will take that action when you scan the page with the app, making the process pretty seamless if you routinely want to share to a specific service or person.

Perhaps a neat way to send handwritten thank you notes this holiday season?

Posted on November 25, 2018 .